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Grab a beer and prepare for some Plops

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Welcome to Beerplop

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Special Buildings

Bottle Cap Factory (0)

Bottle Cap Factories: 0
Costs: 100 Plops Available:

Bottle Caps: 0
Bottle Caps per second: 0
Total Bottle Caps: 0

Beer Bank

Invest your Plops to boost your auto-plops.
Invested Plops: Plops
Current auto plop boost: 0%
Investment: (0%)

Beer Bank Banker

Your Beer Banker help you to increase your plops.
Banker: 0
Costs: Plops

Investments: 0
Total Balance: 0 Plops

Open investments: 0
Invested Plops: 0 Plops
Current Balance: 0 Plops


Magicians: 0
Magicians in training:
Costs: Plops

Mana: 0
Mana per second: 0
Total Mana: 0

Magician School

Select the level your hired magicians should be trained to automatically. If a new training level and enough Plops are available the training for a magician will be started.

Beerplop v1.69.5 by WOL-Soft

Jobs: 0

Plops: 0

Total: 0, from that 0 manual Plops
Auto-Plops: 0
Level: 0



Buy Charge: 

Disable all auto-buyer

Disable all automatic level ups

Disable auto-upgrades